Outcome Obsession (Part 2)


Success signposts, like rank and pay, generally come from others, and the precise timing of their arrival may be subject to numerous external factors well beyond your control. But the glowing satisfaction of contributing your utmost is created by you alone. It assuredly lies within your grasp, as does the recognition that will follow.

I am not preaching the joy of sweating on a treadmill for only the feeling of sweat. By proceeding with the philosophy I outline, you are each day bettering your odds for successful outcomes in your vocation and life. Simply put, what I am promising is that if you go forward placing your own true, best self into your work, you will not be doing it in isolation. Others, such as superiors, co-workers, customers, vendors, and competitors, will be watching, and eventually will see you as someone capable of greater deeds. They will find a way to gain your efforts at a benefit to you.

Yes, in the short run setbacks may occur. Credit may be stolen from you on a project; the firm you work for may flounder; your manager may not recognize your efforts. But if you can keep the faith and continue to build value in your career this way, your personal value will gain recognition in the surest manner possible, and highly desired outcomes will be set before you.

Will it come by a specific age or within a specific time frame of joining a new firm, or whatever artificial deadline you would like to impose? Do not set such foolish pressures upon yourself! Such deadlines become yet other unnecessary distractions, and unnecessary distractions only slow you down. What you care about is making sure that you are on the clearest path to get there. By taking aim at fulfillment through the inner process of identify/cultivate/share, you are making the best bet for real career success, and all the while creating a happier, less stressful, and more enjoyable life.