Operating Partners: The Value of Boots on the Ground

By Keith Danko From The Family Office Alpha Report, September-October 2015 The lower middle market in private equity is brimming with opportunity, with an abundant supply of small- to medium-size private businesses available for potential acquisition (see our July-August 2015 issue of The Family Office Alpha Report, which discussed direct private equity investing opportunities). It is not difficult for investors to find reasonably valued companies that are seeking to hand over the reins. What is not as easy is going the process alone. The best way to maximize success—and upside...

Incubating the Most Viable Nest Eggs: Direct Private Equity Investing

IMG_1267_Bluebird Eggs
By Keith Danko From The Family Office Alpha Report, July-August 2015 The trend started several years ago. Spurred on by the astounding private valuations of companies like Facebook, Groupon, and Twitter, the idea of incubating startups took hold, and soon enough hundreds of “incubators” or “business accelerators” sprang up around the country. Today they are usually found near major universities or in big cities, or in regions where more mature tech or Internet businesses have taken root. While startup incubators have successfully enticed investors, in our view a more compelling...