Leading to Liberate: Freedom Through Discipline

Green Bay Packers head coach Vince Lombardi gets carried off of the field by his players after winning the 1961 NFL Championship game versus the New York Giants at City Stadium. 
Green Bay, Wisconsin 12/31/1961
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Originally posted on SmartBlogs on Leadership The most effective leaders know how to teach their employees the value of one powerful quality, one that most likely helped them rise to the top themselves: Discipline. The great sports coaches are transparent examples of this. Teaching and emphasizing discipline to prepare for the contests to come is what best guarantees that under the pressure of competition each player will feel free to make the right decisions and execute to the best of their abilities. None did this better than Vince Lombardi, considered along with John Wooden as on...

Operating Partners: The Value of Boots on the Ground

By Keith Danko From The Family Office Alpha Report, September-October 2015 The lower middle market in private equity is brimming with opportunity, with an abundant supply of small- to medium-size private businesses available for potential acquisition (see our July-August 2015 issue of The Family Office Alpha Report, which discussed direct private equity investing opportunities). It is not difficult for investors to find reasonably valued companies that are seeking to hand over the reins. What is not as easy is going the process alone. The best way to maximize success—and upside...

May 2015 Family Office Alpha Report by Keith Danko

The Continuing Evolution of Hedge Funds From The Family Office Alpha Report by Witherpoon Partners, May 2015 By Keith Danko In their earliest days, they were an investment for well-connected high-net-worth individuals, particularly Europeans and others with access to offshore accounts. Today, hedge funds have evolved into primarily an institutional investment, with most high-net-worth investors funneled through one type of platform or another, or through a family office that follows an institutional framework. A markedly elevated due diligence process h...

Will Bill Cosby Rehabilitate Monica Lewinsky?

Girl crying
Bill Cosby’s alleged mistreatment of young women has permanently ruined his reputation as the family man of television comedy and as a leader of the African-American community whose popularity and reasonableness crossed all racial and ethnic lines. If the allegations against him are true, the blame for each and every incident falls on Cosby alone. As almost everyone agrees, the young women involved were clearly the victims. Cosby’s modus operandi was to lure the women with friendly advice, offering a potential mentoring relationship and even indicating that acting roles or creative ...

Tough Is Easy

Originally posted for SmartBlog on Leadership http://smartblogs.com/leadership/2014/11/21/tough-is-easy/ “Are you a tough boss?” asked an interviewer of John L. Weinberg, senior partner and de facto CEO of Goldman Sachs. A former Marine, Weinberg was a blunt-speaking, unabashed, and self-driven man who knew that most of Goldman’s employees sought to work as hard and as wisely as he himself did. During the period of his leadership, Goldman furthered and consolidated its rapid ascent as a global banking powerhouse. Weinberg answered the question without hesitation. “Oh, tough is easy. Any...

The Road Part II: Be Your Own Artisan

Be Your Own Artisan
To achieve the greatest results from the cultivation of your positive attributes, commit your best ability. Think of yourself as a worker "employed" by yourself to benefit your career, and then imagine that worker as a craftsman or an artisan, old-fashioned terms that predate our rapid-production, cloud computing age. Craftsmen and artisans are special people who blend art with the practical, and through excellence and care create wonderful things that enrich our lives. Think of potters, carpenters, masons, smiths, all cultivating their abilities through the everyday items they make. The ...

The Answer Starts Within

There are constant calls from many self-help career advisors for a more assertive and aggressive attitude at work in the advancement of one's career. The idea is that, especially for women and for those who are members of minority ethnic or racial groups such behavior is essential to getting ahead. But is this really a smart path to follow? Accepting such a belief couples the myth of confrontational necessity with the myth of an ambition gap. Those who support this argument continually point to statistics such as the low percentages of women and members of various minority groups in high...

Talented People Radio

Talented People Radio
Click Play to Listen to Talented People Radio   In this outcome-obsessed society, too many business folks grope desperately for success, forgetting the very reason they were attracted to business in the first place. Listen to Keith Danko on Talented People Radio to set us on the infinitely more satisfying path toward a fulfilling career. Having risen with marked success to the top of one of business' most competitive arenas, Danko passes on not a step-by-step guide, but rather an original, carefully thought out philosphy of conduct and attitude that leads to an enriched life, em...

Sino US relations going mainstream

Reprinted from China Daily USA There's a growing public awareness of the size of investment between China and the US, as well as greater coverage in the US about trade between the world's two largest economies, according to a panel of financial experts. "Today the New York Post had two mentions of China that are very prominent," Keith Danko, a founding member of New Jersey-based Witherspoon Consulting Partners LLC, said on Monday. "Right on the second page an article about Chinese tourism increasing here in New York City says: 'the city's most coveted tourists hail from China and the...

A Different Person…

Within Your Grasp
Assertiveness seems to be the buzzword hanging on everyone’s lips as the solution for career advancement. The notion that unless you aggressively assert your claim to promotions, raises, perks, bonuses and the like within any business or organization, you will not receive your due, or worse, you will see someone else take it from you, has become ingrained as the go-to advice for anyone seeking to build a successful career. Unfortunately for many who have followed this advice, being assertive is not always the right approach. Indeed, in my experience it is too often the wron...