The Road

Michael Jordan in the late 1980s seemingly had every basketball skill imaginable. The NBA’s leading scorer, the game’s most exciting player, able to drive with lightning-like speed to the basket and soar above the rim for easy scores, he controlled entire games against the world’s best players. He received immense recognition in the form of his massive salary and in the number of Air Jordan sneakers bought by his fans, who made them the highest-selling athletic shoe of all time. However, in his view Jordan still lacked one crucial skill that he believed he needed to develop in order to r...

Different Strokes

I believed it remained a great opportunity and I wanted to continue pursuing it. It was early 1988, and eight months before I had been sent to London by Goldman Sachs to build an international asset-backed securities business. My co-captain in this endeavor was Tom, a top young sales specialist. Tom, however, no longer saw this as a substantial opportunity the way I did, and was having second thoughts about whether he wanted to stick with it. When the previous year we had each agreed to leave our positions in the US and move to London, the prospects appeared unlimited. A whole contin...

The Answer Starts Within

There are constant calls from many self-help career advisors for a more assertive and aggressive attitude at work in the advancement of one's career. The idea is that, especially for women and for those who are members of minority ethnic or racial groups such behavior is essential to getting ahead. But is this really a smart path to follow? Accepting such a belief couples the myth of confrontational necessity with the myth of an ambition gap. Those who support this argument continually point to statistics such as the low percentages of women and members of various minority groups in high...


Within Your Grasp is an original and thoughtful philosphy of conduct and attitude that leads to an enriched life, employing the strengths we already possess. Banishing the distractions of futile comparison, competition, and attitude makeovers, Author Keith Danko invites individuals to manage the processes surrounding them - and guess what? You already hold the tools you need. All of us who seek more out of our careers and life will want to listen and learn from these insights.

Wisdom in the Attic

I recently cleared out some old boxes in my attic and came across a stack of yellowed papers written some forty years ago by my father-in-law. The typewritten pages consisted of a series of observations, perhaps in preparation for a book, drawn from his life in Britain prior to World War II, his time in India and Burma during the war, and his post-war career as an advertising executive. I never met him; he passed away from cancer not long after pulling these thoughts together. An important aspect of his life was his war experience. As a captain in Britain’s Indian forces, he w...

Manage the Process

Every home sale holds its own set of unique trials. For my wife Teresa and me the trial occurred when the buyer’s home inspector came around to perform his inspection. He spent an inordinate amount of time. We soon understood why. Two afternoons later we received a seventeen-page letter from the buyer’s attorney outlining over forty items to be repaired or replaced. Fix these items or the sale is off. I read the list of items and as I read I began thinking immediately of the motivation behind the letter. To me it was simply a ploy to get a lower sales price. The...